Z-hippy duvet cover zip Manifatture Cotoniere 1946

Is putting the duvet into the duvet cover a long and tiring process? Problem solved in a flash with Z-hippy™!

Cotton Manufacturing 1946

How many times while making the bed have you "argued" with the duvet cover because putting the duvet into the duvet cover is a long, tiring and unpleasant undertaking?

You can finally consider this annoyance and waste of time solved thanks to the revolutionary Z-hippy duvet cover!

We know that duvet and duvet cover are bulky, uncomfortable and not easy to handle, especially in the double bed version, and inserting the duvet often requires effort and time and is difficult to complete if one person works alone.

But now there is an easier and faster way to do it, even on your own: we have in fact modified the standard duvet cover model by adding two zips to its sides and thus obtaining a duvet cover that can be completely opened and closed using 2 side zips.

Inserting the duvet inside is therefore really simple :

  1. Place the Z-Hippy duvet cover on the bed and open the two side zips, in a flash!
  2. Lift the top sheet towards the top of the bed
  3. Place the duvet on the bed, above the bottom sheet that remained in position, and cover it with the top sheet, returning it to its initial position
  4. Close the side zips.. Et Voilà!

Z-Hippy Smart duvet cover

You can buy it as a variant of a traditional duvet cover (with the classic 'flap' at the bottom).

Find out here! Now available on all duvet covers

The Z-Hippy™ closure model was patented by us (#202020000000779) for the Z-Hippy duvet cover model and the Z-Hippy brand.

Click here to download the patent

You will therefore find this marvel for sale only on our website or from our authorized dealers.


  • laura pesce: December 23, 2022

    Ditta serissima , prodotti ottimi a prezzi accessibili.

    La conosco ormai da anni e penso di aver provato tutto dai copripiumini alle lenzuola, cuscini, borse, teli da mare., trapuntini……..

    Non ho mai avuto delusioni e i prodotti che ho regalato sono sempre stati molto apprezzati.

    Ora aspetto qualche nuova riproduzione .

  • Anna-Maria MALATESTA: December 23, 2022

    Ottima idea finalmente qualcuno ci ha pensato.
    Siete dei miti.

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